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Monsoon drives from Pune

Some people feel the rain

Others just get wet

Bob Marley describes so aptly how I feel about the rains! A year of good rain is a boon and in such times long drives soothes up the soul. Some of the most beautiful monsoon drives around Pune to feel the rains are:

Drive1:  Pune-Kaas plateau-Kaas Lake-Bamnoli-Tapola-Mahableshwar-Pune


Best time to visit these places is around end of September. The plateau is full of tiny flowers spread like a beautiful carpet. The drive along this route is equally enticing. You can also visit the Thosegar falls enroute Kaas. If you are interested in botany and in knowing more about the flower species you should go along with the experts. I recommend The Western Routes

Drive2:  Pune-Wai-Dhom Dam-Pune


I like this drive as it combines amazing drive along with heritage. Wai is known for the old architecture temples and well built Menavali ghat along the Krishna river. This ghat is supposed to be built by Peshwas and provides a good opportunity for photo shoots. Drive further down along the spectacular views of the Dhom dam. You can also stay at Rutu Farm, which is a good agro-tourism destination.

Drive 3 :  Pune-Mahableshwar –Kates Point Road-Satara-Pune


If you are driving to Mahableshwar then you can lunch at Little Itlay on Kates Point road and then head straight down to Satara using the same road. The drive is very scenic with plenty of waterfalls around and views of the Kanher Dam.

Drive 4:  Pune-Baneshwar-Torna-Madhe Ghat-Pune


This drive is not only scenic but also lets you soak up at a huge fall at the Madhe Ghat. The views of the green paddy fields and vast meadows refresh you to the core. This place is not at all commercialized and there is not even a small food joint around Madhe Ghat. I would recommend you to join the experts The Western Routes with their trip. They take you to the first drop level of the waterfall and you can drench yourself to your heart’s content.

Drive 5 : Pune-Panshet-drive further ahead


This drive takes you along the scenic Panshet Dam on one side and the Varasgaon Dam on the other side. As you cross the many streams and lush green farms you can drive as far as you wish to 🙂 Water sports are also available at Panshet Dam.

Drive6: Pune-Mulshi-Tamhini-Pune


Punekars favourite, this one tops as a weekend popular destination. My tip would be to avoid the weekends and drive here on a weekday. The Mulshi Dam and its backwaters offers spectacularly beautiful views. You can break at the GreenGate resort and after hogging on their delicious vada-pav check out the backwaters in the backyard of the resort. You can also travel along the road towards Lonavla and explore new routes along.

Drive 7: Pune-Khadakvasla-Sinhagad-Pune


Sinhagad is a must see destination on the visit to Pune, but its even more stunning in the rains. Another destination to avoid on the weekend, you should check it out on a weekday. Drive along the beautiful Kadakvasla and its backwaters. You can then either park at the foothill and trek up or drive to the top. No matter how you reach the top, you cannot miss the pithala-bhakri-Kandabhaji available here. 🙂 It will make sure you do come again.


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  1. bowledovertraveller
    September 1, 2015

    can’t wait for one :)!

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